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Project Proposal - Functional Assessment

zoom background2.png provides consulting and functional assessments for government, foundations and nonprofits. We use our experience in organizational development, policy creation and implementation and program development to support efficiency, growth and customer and staff satisfaction for digital transformation projects.

Special Project – Digital Operations Review





Perform a digital systems review to find ‘low code/no code’ solutions that do not involve programming changes through IT with the aim to better improve service delivery for XXXXXXXX.


1. Improve the efficiency of the system so as to reduce wait times, thereby improving relationships with the public.

2. Reduce Staff input times by 50%

3. Automatically align all cases with ATIP



In the past 5 years, XXXXXX has processed XXXXXXX supports; however, the method for processing the requests is based on older systems for processing which slows the response time, creates bottlenecks and errors for information flow and causes frustration and delays.




 Investigate start to finish workflows. Document bottlenecks. Determine immediate, interim and long term solutions.



 Liaise with ‘Shared Services Canada‘ to support XXXXXX to enact the ‘10 digital standards’ mandated by the Treasury Board and the Minister of Digital Government in 2018. Specifically focus on:

1. Design with users - Research with 3 types of users to understand their needs and the problems to solve.               Conduct ongoing testing with users to guide design and development.

2. Be good data stewards: Collect data from users only once and reuse wherever possible. Ensure that data is collected and held in a secure way so that it can easily be reused by others to provide services

3. Empower staff to deliver better services: Make sure that staff have access to the tools, training and technologies they need. Empower the team to make decisions throughout the design, building and operation of the service.

METRICS        30 days



Review and document full application workflows. Identify system bottlenecking. Begin to identify immediate solutions. Meet with staff and management to discuss process. Involve users in solution finding. Interview users for application difficulties and suggestions. Report. 


METRICS       60 days

MILESTONE MARKER - Identification of Solutions


 Identify potential immediate, interim and long term solutions. Liaise with other gov’t depts regarding their experiences. Involve Shared Services Canada to coordinate solutions. Create recommendations. Final report.

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